These newsletters contain images and stories about the creation of artworks by William H. Hays of Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. William's linocut prints, oil paintings and the occasional drypoint etching and watercolor are talked about in detail..

Some artworks in these blog entries are not seen anywhere else on the website. Newsletters with an asterisk are travelogues featuring watercolors and drawings done on location. You can sign up to receive our newsletter and follow William Hays on Facebook.

If you are looking for a specific artwork, title, subject or technique, search for it on our site.


2018:   February   •   April
2017:   January      March   •   August   •   December
2016:   January      February   •   April   •   July   •   August   •   October   •   December
2015:   March
2014:   April      June    October      November
2012:   January       March      April      October      November   •   December
2011:   February       August       September      October   •   November       December
2010:   February       March       May      June       July       August       September      October     
                November     December

2009:   January      February      April     May       June      July   •   August      September     
                October     November

2008:   January      February       April       June       October    •   November
2007:    January     February      March      May      July   •   August      October      November     

2006:   January/February*      March      April     May      June   •   August      November      December
2005:   January/February*      March      April     June      July   •   August      September      October

2004:   February      March      April      May      June      July   •   August       September       October
                November      December

2003:   January      February      March      April   •   November     December
2002:   December

Entries marked with an asterisk are illustrated travelogues

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