Hello and Welcome Friends,

  November 2008
volume 7 number 6

Although I've got an oil painting on the easel that I am pleased with at the moment, I have not been doing as much painting as printmaking this past month. With that in mind, let me just start right in.

The first print I have to show you this month is the last print from my series of drypoint plates that were actually drawn in Nova Scotia and printed in Vermont. It is an image that will be very familiar to those of you who have visited Liverpool, Nova Scotia. There is a small fleet of fishing boats that dock in the off season right next to the small bridge that crosses over the Mersey River. These two seiners are called the "Cardigan Lady" and the "Souris Lady." And it is from their names that the title comes.

    "Liverpool Ladies" Drypoint Etching 7" x 5"

Since I am in Vermont at the moment and will be for some months, I find my creative side turning away from the sea and toward the mountain landscape. As you know, Vermont is loaded with beautiful scenes. In my 21 years living here, I've explored many facets of those scenes. For these next two prints, I returned to two compositions that were done long ago in other media.

The first reworks a composition that was origianlly done as a small watercolor sometime around 1990. I have a photo of the painting and used that to guide me in breaking it down into the many separate colors of this print. I started out thinking that it was going to be a six-color print. But it eventually ended up to be nine colors. I was very pleased with the textures and the layers of color that work together to make up the whole. In several respects, I think this print is better than the watercolor.

    "Autumn Girls" 9-color Linoleum Block Print, 12" x 9"

The last print is also based on a previous work from around the same period, 1989-90. When we first moved to Vermont, I was painting in watercolors primarily. Having not yet established myself professionally as an artist, I did several things to make a living. One of the activities that kept the bills paid was to design T-shirts for Bernie Rideout in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. I knew how to break down the designs into their separate colors and did many designs of silk screened t-shirts for him over four or five years. One year I designed a Christmas card for him and printed a few extras as just prints, not cards. We kept one of the silk screen prints and it was this silkscreen on which the next print was designed.

    "Solstice" 6-color Linoleum Block Print 7" x 5"

And that's it for this month. I hope you've enjoyed the prints I've shown you. This Friday, December 5th, is Gallery Walk in Brattleboro. It will be hoppin' on Main Street and we do hope that you'll take a moment to drop by The Artist's Loft Gallery to see these prints and other works in person.


William H. Hays

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