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William H. Hays  Hello and Welcome Friends,

After several months of sharing a variety of photos and new works of art with you, this month has been a comparatively quiet one. The last linoleum cut print I did was back in May of this year. The break in printing is because my press is too heavy for me to haul it back and forth to Nova Scotia for the summer. So after settling back into our home in Brattleboro, I set out to do a print that was based on my very first multi-color block print entitled, "Snowy Roost." That first multi-color print was done back in March of 2007 and was drawn on a theme that has continued to entice me since moving here from Alaska more than 20 years ago - the view out over the Connecticut River from my studio window.

You might recall that last month I was inspired by the same view in an etching, entitled (with great wit and clever turn of phrase), "Connecticut River View."

I decided to explore the view this time by looking at only a portion of it in autumn with a single crow resting in the trees. I found that the simple subject was much more labor intensive than I anticipated and I ended up spending two weeks carving and printing the seven colors that went into making the final print. I was very pleased with the result and Patricia said that it has a Japanese feel to it. I like that.

Crowful Quiescence, Linoleum Block print by William Hays   "Crowful Quiescence" 7-color Linoleum Block Print, 12" x 9"

In the course of doing some of my multicolor prints, I have taken advantage of the state of the printing block and done one color versions. Such was the case this time. On the last two colors, the silhouette of the crow in the tree branches was printed in two versions, using one color for each; a dark brown (color #6) and a blue black (color #7). The edition size of each of these two versions is only 11 prints. I've presented them below, side by side so that you can see the difference in the state of the block from one to the other version. Admittedly, the difference is subtle. I enjoyed doing these one-color versions as well as the more elaborate print.

Crowful Quiescence II, Linoleum Block Print by William H. Hays    Crowful Quiescence III, Linoleum Block Print by William H. Hays

"Crowful Quiescence II and III" Linoleum Block Print, 12" x 9" each

And so that's the whole shabang for this month but I want to take a moment to thank all of you. In the midst of a whalopping economic downturn, I am humbled by your continued support of the work I do. Even more than that, you've purchased more individual works of art from me in this past year than in any of the preceeding 30 years. Looking back one year ago, I did not anticipate such a scenario. I am very grateful.

Lastly, we are looking forward to Gallery Walk this coming Friday in Brattleboro. It will be a very festive and social evening, I'm sure. I do hope that you'll take advantage of the occassion and drop by The Artist's Loft Gallery to see my latest works and to say, "Hello!" Of course, you're welcome any other time too....


William H. Hays

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