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William H. Hays  Hello and Welcome Friends,

Autumn came in with a bang this year! We've had three snowfalls (one of 15 inches) interspersed with spells of sunny, warm weather and frosty, clear mornings. Confused? So are we. It will become winter again, as it does each year. We just don't know when that will be. Personally, I look forward to Connecticut River freezing over, snow covering the ground and the brilliant, low-angled light of the winter sun.

You might recall the image below from last month. I began a print in October. The first impression on the paper was a solid rectangle of green and another of yellow. For the first time, I decided to do two versions of a print. Let me explain a little bit.

The printing technique I use is called a "reduction" technique. It's called that because I am continually reducing the area of the linoleum block's surface by carving, printing, carving again, printing again, etc. (Take a look at this newsletter from May of 2009 for a step-by-step look at the process.) Because I am generally using only one block to do these multi-color prints, I am sequentially destroying the block as I go. I only get one chance to get it right. And I only get one version of the print. This time I decided to change that by printing two versions.

The image above shows the two rows of prints drying in my studio after the first color is applied to the paper. The picture shows only the "summer" version. The next image shows both versions of the print after the application of the second color.

Next are both versions with the third color applied.

Next is just the autumn version with the third color (again) on top and the fourth color applied on the bottom.

Finally, here are the two print versions completed. You'll note that the "Summer Solstice" print is one color less than the "Equinox" print. I just decided that I didn't need that fifth color in the green version... creative license.

    "Equinox" 6-color linoleum block print 5" x 7"

    "Summer Solstice" 5-color linoleum block print 5" x 7"

November has come and gone. Much of the month was spent traveling up and down the east coast of the US visiting family and friends. In both cases the visits were most welcome, pleasant and too long in coming. Being the month of Thanksgiving, let me just say that it is each other we're most thankful for. All of the things we own are fine and good. But it is the look of love in the eye of another, the hearty laugh of a shared joke and a warm hug that mean the most in the end. Thanks and love to all for such a wonderful time well spent.

Before I leave you to get ready for Gallery Walk this evening in Brattleboro, let me thank everyone for the resounding support for the holiday card made from my "Nightfall Snowfall" print. The cards sold out for this year and they've asked me for another image for next year. So, although the card isn't available right now, the original 12" x 9" print is still available.

  "Nightfall Snowfall"

Thank you for reading my musing for the month. Keep in touch. I always look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the holidays and while you're shopping for your gifts support your local businesses, artists and artisans! (In other words: "Avoid WalMart like the plague!" Is that political? Nah.)


William H. Hays

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