November, 2012   volume 11 number 5

William H. Hays    Hello and Welcome Friends,

This won't be a long newsletter but that is not due to any lack of work on my part. Some months seem to have a minimum of art for a maximum of work. Still, this is not a complaint, only an observation. On the contrary, this past month I have felt I'm back in my stride.

I'll begin with something I have not done in a while - a watercolor. It has been an even longer time since I did a painting of a dog. And even longer since I've done a commissioned painting of a dog. But a friend of mine called and said his friend really wanted this painting for his girlfriend for Christmas. He told this guy I was the one to do it. After all, I have a dog and love dogs. I paint and could do it pretty well.

I told him, "No way! I don't want to do a painting of a dog. I'm busy with other things."

He let me pass on this one and then called me back a couple days later saying, "Come on, man! You're the guy to do this painting for this man. Do it as a favor for me?"

"Oh... OK. Have him give me a call."

The girlfriend's dog had died not too long ago and the sentiment for the painting was obvious and here's the photo he gave me followed by the painting:

border collie photo     

Cody, watercolor by William H. Hays

"Cody", watercolor 11" x 14"

She has yet to receive the painting but I'm confident it hit the mark judging by the buyer's reaction to it.

Next on my list of things to share is my linoleum block print for this month.... I seem to be averaging about one a month. This one looks back to Nova Scotia once more. This print also references a painting I did in July of 2004, "Fishing Shack." The actual shack I have been inspired by is in West Berlin, Nova Scotia. I've changed some things about it for the print, including the name (but not the license number).

I changed the composition from the painting to concentrate almost entirely on the shack with little background. It is almost square on center but I've tweaked the composition on either side and skewed the perspective just a little to keep it from being a symetrical composition. Somebody once told me symetry is an excuse for creativity. So here's the print as it took shape.

Three Sister in three colors

"Three Sisters" after the first three colors.


Three Sister in five colors

"Three Sisters" at five colors.


Three Sisters, 9-color Linocut Print by William H. Hays

"Three Sisters" at nine colors.

At this point I wanted to print the yellow and the red again to strengthen them. I had put a graduated tint in the lower window but had carved away the upper window after the second impression with the idea that it would read as a reflection of the sky.... But it didn't read that way in comparison to the lower window.

So I had to figure out how I could reprint the red and yellow and introduce the previously removed element of the window. What I did was carve out an area larger than what I needed, right down to the wood block. Then I cut a piece of linoleum and placed it into the new space. I used a test print to register up the window and carved a new one. Here's what the block looked like for printing the last impression.

Three Sisters linoleum block

Final linoleum block for "Three Sisters"

Three Sisters, linocut print by William Hays

"Three Sisters" 9-color linoleum block print 12" x 9" This print can be purchased from our print gallery page.

And that is all for the month of November. I hope you enjoyed my newsletter and the artworks I did this month. If you'd like to see more prints, you can look over the print gallery or our Etsy Shop. This first Friday of December is Gallery Walk in downtown Brattleboro from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Make a point of dropping into The Artist's Loft Gallery when you are in town or come by any day between 10-6 in Brattleboro. I always enjoy showing my work to folks and often have a print underway so you can watch the process. Come on by!


William H. Hays

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