Hello and Welcome Friends,

  March 2003
volume 1 number 4

Well it seems that spring might be on the way after all. We had our doubts as the temperatures remained below freezing, unabated, for what seemed like longer than usual. Just the other day we had more snow - and more could be on the way. But there is hope! Today was in the 50's and the brilliant sun on bright snow made for a beautiful day riding around. Here is the Green River Bridge with the Minot farm in the background, about 15 minutes from Brattleboro.

Beside the bridge (not in the picture) is a recently restored crib dam. An interesting piece of engineering with logs and stones. A beautiful scene in anyone's book.

But there's more to spring than some warm days, cool nights and muddy roads. There's sugaring season! The trees (sugar maples) have been tapped and as of yesterday, the sap is running. The sugar houses are beginning to boil now. And if the warm days hold out, they will be in full swing in the middle of this week. Next weekend is the Whitingham Sugar Festival (about 20 miles west and south) and it looks like Mother Nature is cooperating. You should come if you can. As you can see below, everything is in place - including the muddy roads. Four wheel drive and high clearance is a useful asset on back roads this time of year.

Painting has been slow as life gets complicated sometimes. I have been mostly responding to the weather as it has been - snowy! Below are a couple of paintings that I've done recently. Hope you like them! We've put together a postcard to announce the new B&B in Nova Scotia. Most of you will probably receive the postcard in the next week. If you don't, email me and I'll be happy to get one off to you. It features one of my "rocks and sea" paintings from the coast.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. The Spring issue of Vermont Magazine has a feature article about Gallery Walk in Brattleboro. The article has a picture of me holding a painting of a cow that I gave to my wife last Christmas. Apparently it struck a chord. I have received phone calls from all over the US asking about the painting. I did a series of prints of the image and have sold half a dozen to folks already. Here's the image:

"The Cow"  Oil on Panel  23" x 16"

Here are some other recent paintings including the one I mentioned in last month's newsletter.

"Winter Stream II"  Oil on Panel  16" x 23"

"Snow in the Mountains"  Oil on Panel  16" x 23"

"Afternoon (Winter)"  Oil on Canvas  38" x 42"

Thanks for keeping up with my work. I look forward to seeing you if you come into our area. Drop by anytime.


William H. Hays

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