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  March, 2005
volume 3 number 2

The Connecticut River is still frozen over and snow blankets the ground. But spring is on the way! We know this because the sugaring has started with warm days and cold nights stimulating the sugar maples to flow again. Sap buckets hang from the trees and steam with the sweet smell of maple billows from the sugar houses day and night.

But the weather outside seems to not affect me too much. My days and nights in the studio remain productive and seem to be leading me in the direction of the summer to come. Looking back I can see that I did the same thing last year, only a month later. Perhaps impatience gets the better of me. But I tend more toward the idea that these images have been resting in my head from last summer and have only taken form now. Since most of us are looking forward to the warmth of summer, I thought you would enjoy these recent paintings of things to come.

  "Beach Reflections" Oil on Canvas 23" x 16"

Patricia and I often go to Beach Meadows near our home in Nova Scotia and stroll the empty stretches of sand. At low tide the film of water on the sand mirrors the sky.

  "Endless Sky" Oil on Canvas 23" x 16"

After so many years in the mountains of Vermont and Alaska, I wasn't sure about the long, thin line of the horizon in Nova Scotia as subject matter for painting. But my initial hesitations were surmounted after many days spent enjoying the expanse of the sky marching down to the horizon. The days of brilliant sunshine are a pleasure that found voice in this painting. Those of you who have followed my work will probably recognize the relationship between this painting and one done last summer called "Summerville Beach".

  "Morning on the Dunes" Oil on Canvas 16" x 23"

Carters Beach, near Port Mouton, Nova Scotia is one of those places that every artist who visits or lives on the South Shore is drawn to. My inspiration from that place continues to take form in new paintings. This painting is taken from a pencil sketch done while waiting for the day to warm up in the sand dunes that back up the beach. What I have not portrayed here is the sweet perfume of beach roses that surrounded me in the dunes.

Now some more news.... Three things have come my way in the last month that have pleased me very much. First, and perhaps foremost, my painting, "The First Civil Union (an open door)" was purchased and is being donated by L. Lorimer and L. Kelly to the permanent collection of the State of Vermont. Needless to say, I am very grateful to these special patrons for their generosity and their commitment to the statement that I made with this painting. Having it on display (after April 1st, 2005) in the offices of the state that first broke the barrier in July of 2000 is an extraordinary privilege.

As if that were not enough, another painting of mine has been accepted into the permanent collection of the State of Vermont. "Autumn Birches" (below) was painted in 1992 in an attempt to capture the brilliance of autumn in Vermont. I like the painting very much and am quite pleased that folks in Montpelier will be able to enjoy it.

  "Autumn Birches" Oil on Canvas 45" x 30"

Next, I received an award, "The People's Choice Award", for my painting, "Sunset Mooring, Nova Scotia" at the Biennial Regional Jurors Choice Exhibition in Keene, NH. The show was quite a good one and I was honored to receive the recognition from folks who attended the exhibit. (Click here if you would like to read the press release about the award and the painting.)

Finally, American Artist Magazine published my article about painting water in oils in their April, 2005 issue. I have already received numerous emails, inquiries and compliments from folks across the United States. It is heartening to receive this kind of response to my work. This especially since the magazine has only now hit the news stands.

  "Ending the Day" Oil on Canvas 23" x 16"

This an appropriate painting with which to end. Do I need to tell you what this painting is about? I don't think so. This piece (along with some of the above) and other works will be exhibited in my new gallery affiliations: Picture This Gallery in Westport, Connecticut and Hartford Fine Arts Gallery in East Hartford, Connecticut. They will be showing my work beginning in April, 2005. I am delighted to be joining these fine galleries and look forward to working with these folks. I hope you'll take the time to drop by if you are in the area.

And if you are in Vermont, I would love to see you at The Artist's Loft Gallery or you can see more of my work at the Elaine Beckwith Gallery in Jamaica, Vermont. That is all for now. I look forward to hearing from you.


William H. Hays

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