Hello and Welcome Friends,

  April, 2004
volume 2 number 4

The windows of the studio are open this morning and I've been hearing the birds singing for the past few days. Rain has replaced snow and we are eagerly awaiting the first leaves on the trees that will return Vermont to being the Green Mountain State. As you know, I have spent the winter painting landscapes of Vermont in winter, summer and fall. But lately my thoughts and inspiration have turned to another subject dear to me - the ocean. More on that in a bit.

The double, life size portrait of the first couple to receive a civil union in the U.S. was accepted into the national exhibition in Springfield, Massachusetts. The show is open to the public in the Old First Church, at Court Square in downtown through the 24th of April. After that, I will be bringing it back to the studio to exhibit for Gallery Walk on May 7th (5:30 to 8:30 PM). Along with this painting will be many other new paintings. Two weeks ago Gallery Walk featured 29 locations displaying art in downtown Brattleboro. It was very well attended and it is safe to say that a good time was had by all. I hope we'll see you on May 7th. If you can't make Gallery Walk, never fear, Brattleboro offers plenty of artwork for you to enjoy any time you're here.

Let me show you a few of the new paintings now, with a word of explanation. My work will soon be shown in the Charter Oak Gallery in Fairfield, Connecticut. They asked me to provide them with paintings of the ocean for their summer exhibit. Of course, I'm very happy to do that, except that I took all of my ocean paintings up to Nova Scotia last summer! But never fear - I have been a busy beaver, working well into each night to complete a good selection of paintings for them. Here are some of the paintings I have for them:

"Beach Meadows I" Oil on Canvas 28" x 38" The title refers to the beautiful beach near our home in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. This is one of the granite headlands that anchor either end of the white sand crescent beach. When the surf is high the waves thunder against the stone sending plumes of spray high in the air. It is thrilling to see!

"Standing Up To The Sea" Oil on Canvas 28" x 38" This painting is more iconic than specific. In other words, I composed the landscape and the lighthouse rather than painting a particular place. Of course there many lighthouses perched on rocky points along the New England and Nova Scotia coast that inspired the painting. More than the lighthouse, I love painting the rolling waves of the ocean. The color and forms of the water are endlessly fascinating.

"Sunset On The Sound" Oil on Panel 16" x 23" The expanse of water and sky by the ocean are perfect for exploring the glory of a good sunset in paint. The "Sound" in the title refers to Long Island Sound.

That's a good sample of the latest crop of ocean paintings. Here's one of the Vermont landscapes that preceeded them.

"Reflection on Winter" Oil on Panel 12" x 18" The light of the sky is reflected on the open water of the stream while the rest of the scene is in the shadow of late afternoon.

We have another month and a half in Vermont. Then we head off to spend the summer in Nova Scotia. This year we have something special for folks who are visiting our place in Vermont. Miki Boni is an artist who used to live in Wilmington, Vermont. She moved down to Bradenton, Florida and has helped create what they call The Village of the Arts. They have a gallery there that you can visit online (and in person, of course).What is exciting for us is not just that she and her husband, Tom, will be operating The Artist's Loft B&B, but that they will have our gallery open with a selection of Miki's paintings. Like me, she will be working in the studio on her own paintings. You should be sure to drop by and see what she is creating!

We are looking to open our B&B in Liverpool, NS by the end of June, in time for Privateer Days (July 1-4 this year). Last year's Privateer Days was great fun and something of a spectacle with the Red Coats marching down Main Street with their muskets at the ready to oust the American rebels from the town. The reinactors camp out by the Mersey River in authentic style when not performing for all of us. There is plenty of fun and entertainment, including the annual lobster dinner/wedding reception, the cemetary tour (an absolute delight) and the wedding itself. Almost all of the activities are within walking distance from our place. Each year a couple actually gets married at Fort Point Lighthouse (a couple of blocks down the street) in period costume, complete with a Revolutionary War era honor guard, The King's Orange Rangers (along with some of the rebel troops). This year the bride and groom will be Stephen Wentzell and Theresa Langille. Here's a picture from a past year.

So the taxes are done and ready to be mailed off tomorrow (frown). We are well and hope the same for you and yours. Drop us a line when you get a chance.


William H. Hays

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