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  April 2008
volume 7 number 3

I skipped a month and some of you let me know about it.... Thank you for your attention!

I haven't been as prolific during the past few months. But, as you'll see, I have been diverse. First I'll start with another little print.

Newfane is a small village just up the road from our town of Brattleboro. It has a town common that is ringed with beautiful, white clapboard buildings that look like they must surely have been built for a movie set. It is idyllic and there are many folks who stop to take a picture or just stroll around the common to enjoy the exceptionally picturesque place. This drypoint etching is of the county courthouse that dominates the common.

    "Windham Country Courthouse" Drypoint Etching 5" x 7" edition of 24

Next is another print that is a bit unique. We had a lovely couple from New York City who stayed with us at our B&B for a week in March. Along with having the pleasure of getting to know them and having some very interesting conversations about a variety of subjects, they commissioned me to do a portrait of the two of them in linoleum cut.

Now, this is very unusual for me. Normally a portrait is a one of a kind. And normally, portraiture is not done with block printing. It is an inexact art and difficult to get a good likeness. As well, fine art prints are done in order to create multiple images. But, this does solve a problem that can go along with some portraits; who gets the portrait when the subject passes away?

No problem in this case! They received seven images with which they are planning to make gifts to their family members and friends. A great idea, I think!

Here's their portrait:

    "Rob and Marcia" Drypoint Etching 5" x 7" edition of 8

Lest you think I've given up painting for good... here are a couple new ones.

First, I spent far too much time creating another composition of the forest in New England. Something about this painting was very difficult for me to do and I spent almost a full month working on it. I can't tell you what the problem was. It just proved to be one of those very difficult paintings.

    "Forest Light IV" Oil on Canvas 24" x 18"

The next painting was almost the complete opposite. It flowed and was a pleasure to do. The deep shadows of the late afternoon on the banks of the West River where the Rock River comes into it are dramatic and stark. (You can see why they call it the Rock River, right?)

    "West River Afternoon" Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

So, tomorrow I am starting on a commissioned portrait in oil of a philanthropist who has been very generous with several educational institutions around the country. I'll start with a watercolor sketch and then take some photographs. Then I'll get into the painting back in the studio. I only have a couple of hours with him in person.

I have refreshed some of my work at the South Street Gallery in Greenport, NY (on the east end of Long Island) and at the Elaine Beckwith Gallery in Jamaica, Vermont. The South Street Gallery is just finishing up their first year in Greenport and they are looking forward to a full season after getting their feet on the ground. I hope you'll be able to stop in to see them if your on the North Fork of Long Island. It is a beautiful place to visit.

Elaine Beckwith has been showing my work now for probably fifteen years. She has a superbly eclectic gallery that is in a classic Vermont home in a town with the unlikely name of Jamaica. It is about 45 minutes from Brattleboro and I highly recommend dropping by to see the fine selection she offers. As well, the area is full of scenic villages and the beautiful landscape of Vermont along the West River (covered bridges, farms, churches, the whole bit!).

We head off to Nova Scotia for the summer on the first of June and we are looking forward to seeing all our good friends and the South Shore of this beautiful Canadian Maritime province. But, before we go, we will be open for one last Gallery Walk of the season on Friday, May, 2nd. We'll be open from 5:30 to 8:30 (or whenever the last guests leave). I hope you'll be able to come by before we go north for the summer!


William H. Hays

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