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volume 8 number 3

Well I got quite a bit of feedback on my waxing poetic about winter in the February newsletter! It seems that many of you don't share my enthusiasm for ice, snow, short days with a low sun and cold. Hmmm... I thought for sure you did.

But spring is here and the bright green little leaves are all over the trees and we are returning to our namesake, Vermont - the Green Mountain State.

Still my prints of the last two months have been only a few and still appreciating winter in two of them. So let's start rignt in with that.

The February print, "Illumination" has been very popular and I think it is one of my best. I was inspired by the rich, nighttime blues to do another along those lines. The little Congregational church in Guilford, Vermont is a landmark just a few miles from downtown Brattleboro. I imagined it on a full moon, starry winter night and did this print.

    "Guilford Night" 7-color Linoleum Block Print 12" x 9"

The next print takes a look at a scene that is across the street from my gallery and studio, the local coffee shop. When we first moved to Brattleboro in 1987, what is now the coffee shop was occupied by Joe DeAngelis and was a shoe repair shop. It was dark and leathery in look and smell. Joe's shop was always lined with many pairs of shoes, tools and materials for repairing them. It was very quaint and clear throwback to times past.

Joe's wasn't the only shoe repair place to be run by a De Angelis in Brattleboro. His older cousin, Amedeo, also repaired shoes but in the building that now bears his name (Amedeo De Angelis) on a large bronze sign and the one in which we live at 103 Main Street. The original De Angelis Shoe Repair shop was in the basement of our building (take a look at next month's newsletter for a couple of historical photos of the shoe shop). Joe moved across the street sometime before our arrival here and that's where he stayed until he closed and Mocha Joe's moved in about 1990.

The basement coffee shop has a real Greenwich Village feel from the Beatnik era. The only major differences are the ubiquitous laptops at the tables and the wide variety of exotic coffees available. It is quite the hangout in town and you'll find it buzzing most of the time from early in the morning well into the evening. I chose to depict it in the morning with the soft glow of the sunrise illuminating the top of the building, in winter, of course.

Mocha Morning, reduction linocut print by William H. Hays     "Mocha Morning" 8-color Linoleum Block Print 12" x 9"

For this last print I took a look at another local landmark, the Minot Farm beside the Green River Bridge. Surely you'll not find a more quintessential Vermont scene than this farm and its close neighbor, the covered bridge. I decided to take a different view of it than other images that I and other artists have done which included the farm. This print looks just at the farm without including any of the accompanying buildings in this beautiful little village center. You might wonder why the print is called "Guilford Farm" instead of "Green River Farm". Green River is considered by folks around here to be a part of Guilford and I went along wth that view when it came time to name the print.

Guilford Farm, reduction linocut print by William H. Hays     "Guilford Farm" 10-color Linoleum Block Print 9" x 12"

And that is it for this month. The output might be modest, but I hope you'll agree the quality is worthy.

Tonight is Gallery Walk in Brattleboro. We're closing off Main Street this evening and making it a party! It might be a little wet with the occassional rain but it will be fun nonetheless. I hope we'll see you tonight or drop by anytime to see the gallery. If you would like to purchase any of these prints online, you can just click on the image and that will take you to a page from which you can purchase the print of your choice. Or you can give us a call at the phone number at the bottom of the page or drop us an email. I look forward to hearing from you.


William H. Hays

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