Hello and Welcome Friends,

  May, 2004
volume 2 number 5

It is warm and green in Vermont, finally. Patricia and I have been preparing for our annual journey to Nova Scotia for the summer by cleaning, packing and tying up loose ends. It may seem like, "Why do all that if you are leaving Vermont?" Well, we have a special couple who will be coming up from Florida to live in our home, operate the B&B, paint in my studio and run the gallery. We want to have everything ready for them and their guests at the B&B. Miki Boni and Tom Paulsen are coming up from their gallery in Bradenton, Florida, The KAOS Gallery South. Miki is the painter of the two. Her work revolves around whimiscal and humorous looks at people and animals. Tom is a sculptor whose eastern inspired works are contemporary in feel while rooted in ancient traditions.

Miki has put together a selection of new artists for The Artist's Loft in Brattleboro that will premier at Gallery Walk on June 4th in a show called "Animal Mania." It is going to be a very well attended event in June as it will coincide with the Strolling of the Heifers celebration in Brattleboro June 3-5. We are projecting as many as 15,000 visitors to see the bovine beauties strut their stuff up Main Street on Saturday morning. Considering that the population of Brattleboro is 12,000, that is a lot of folks! There's a full weekend of events planned that are really a great deal of fun!

I was honored to have a painting of mine chosen to represent a fundraising silent auction that will be held at the Windham Art Gallery on Main Street in Brattleboro during the month of June. The proceeds are used to help educational activities and students who are studying agriculture. The Strolling of the Heifers group is really great about putting the money directly where it is needed and I am happy to contribute my little part. Hope you will too!

As I said, we are leaving for Nova Scotia soon. Our home is in Liverpool, on the South Shore (Atlantic coast), about halfway between Yarmouth and Halifax. For Americans, it will remind you of the coast of Maine. Granite and boreal forests right down to the sea. Little fishing villages that retain their charm despite the pressures of the contemporary economy. Our home renovation was completed last year and we are looking forward to having this summer to paint (in the studio, not the walls), enjoy our friends up there, and host guests at our one-suite B&B. The big weekend in Nova Scotia happens on and around July 1st, Canada Day. This year it will coincide with Privateer Days in Liverpool. This is as much fun as the Heifer Stroll. Lots of Red Coats strolling about with muskets in hand, live music, livelier competitions and events, and a real (live) wedding in full period (c. 1780) costume.

So rather than have your read too much more, let me share the last few paintings I've done prior to leaving Vermont for the summer. You'll note in the subject matter that I really am looking forward to the ocean.

  "Beach Meadows II" Oil on Panel 16" x 23"
Beach Meadows is very near our home and a place that we frequent. If you were to turn around from this view there is a beautiful, long crescent of white sand that is often empty of people, making it feel very special. Off shore there is a small island called Coffin Island that has a lighthouse and a number of fisherman's shacks that can just be seen from Beach Meadows. This painting is currently on view at the Charter Oak Gallery in Fairfield, CT.

  "White Point, Nova Scotia" Oil on Canvas 39" x 48"
In September of last year, Patricia and I decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary by taking a trip up to Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. The high headlands in the northern part of the island are quite dramatic and offer plenty of subject matter for the future, as well as this painting which is at The Artist's Loft in Brattleboro.

  "Coastline Nocturne" Oil on Panel 23" x 16"
Finally, I'll leave you with this painting of the full moon rising over breaking surf on the rocky coast of Nova Scotia.

One last thing: Gallery Walk in Brattleboro was chosen by Yankee Magazine as one of their editor's choices for the 30 Hot Things To Do in New England for 2004. Of course, we're delighted and wondering what took them so long to find us!

Thanks for looking at my latest works and I hope to see you either in Vermont, or in Nova Scotia. Keep in touch!


William H. Hays

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