Hello and Welcome Friends,

  May, 2007
volume 6 number 4

This will not be a lengthy newsletter. I've been preparing to depart to Nova Scotia for the summer at the beginning of June and those preparations occupy me almost completely. This makes painting something for which I have little energy. As well, I know that I'll have more than three months in which I can paint day and night - which is exactly what I have done these past four summers.

I left you at the end of April with just a couple of warm days that were enough to bring on the thaw of the Connecticut River. Since then, as in every year, the warm days have built on one another to the point where we are now immersed in the vivid greens of early summer. It comes all at once in a matter of a week or so. But prior to that burst of green we had a little excitement across the river when we had a brush fire on the mountain in New Hampshire.



At night the fire continued to burn and the flames created a sparkling orange necklace that continued through the next morning. Fortunately the winds and temperature were in the fire fighters' favor and they were able to put it out in 24 hours. I thought that perhaps the fire's effects would be covered up by the impending burst of new leaves. But, alas, there is a scar on the mountain now. Still I would venture that it will be nearly invisible this time next year.

I have only one new painting to share with you this month. This is a painting that is based on a vague memory of having hiked along the ridge lines of the mountains in southwestern Virginia when I attended Virginia Tech. The palette for the sunrise is based on a painting by Frederick Edwin Church, but that is only the inspiration and doesn't follow any of his paintings.

        "Sunrise on the Ridge" Oil on Canvas 24" x 18"

I've just completed another book cover design for Harp of God publishers. This is an easy read, straight forward and quite wonderful. If you're interested, it is available at their online bookstore for $10. Those are my hands holding a galaxy.


I told you this would be brief newsletter.... If you find yourselves on the North Fork, the far east end of Long Island, New York, you'll find my work in a new gallery in Greenport called The South Street Gallery. They are carrying my maritime paintings from Nova Scotia along with some watercolors from my travels. In October I will have a solo exhibition of this summer's paintings there. I am looking forward to the event!

So now it is Memorial Day weekend and Elliot Street in front of our home has been closed off in preparation for the annual Marlboro Morris Ale. Morris dancers from across the eastern U.S. (and sometimes England) celebrate the spring with a colorful pagent of dancing on the street.

        Morris Dancers in front of the old Methodist Church on Elliot Street in Brattleboro

I better get out there. I hear the drums starting!


William H. Hays

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