Hello and Welcome Friends,

  June, 2004
volume 2 number 6

Garrison Keillor would say, "Well its been a quiet week in Lake Wobegone." That might not really describe what it has been like the last month, but today it feels like that. Nova Scotia is clear and sunny with only one day of rain this past week. We have been able to get out to the beaches and enjoy the little fishing villages along the South Shore. I also have taken the time here to do a little painting. Here's one of the latest of a lighthouse about ten minutes from our house in Liverpool:

  "Western Head Lighthouse" Oil on Canvas 28" x 38" I guess I don't need to tell anyone that the opportunities for paintings abound along the coast.

But summer is breaking out all over and Vermont is also enjoying good weather. Miki and Tom (who are sitting our B&B and gallery in Brattleboro) say that they are very much enjoying living on Main Street in Brattleboro. Everything is a convenient walk away and the southern part of Vermont has plenty to offer in the way of scenery and recreation. I hope you'll get in touch if you want to stay at our B&B there.

Brattleboro just finished the third annual Strolling of the Heifers celebration of agriculture in Vermont. The parade of our bovine beauties down Main Street swelled the population by about two times in our little town. For us, having 20,000+ people to watch a parade is a big deal! The accompanying events in and around Brattleboro were also well attended and a great deal of fun for everyone.

After four months of renovations on our 200 year old home in Liverpool, we came back to find that all was well after another hard winter in the Maritimes. Unlike our arrival to an empty home last year, this year it felt like coming home. The garden has beckoned me day after day. I am finding it quite enjoyable and go out everyday to see if the seeds I planted are going to grow (not yet!). The lilacs are in bloom and the dense perfume fills the air when it is warm. The cool nights are still with us (as they are most of the summer) and a breeze comes off of the ocean most of the days.

As I said, we have been getting out and about like we thought we would last year. Here are a couple of paintings that have resulted.

  "Three Boats in Moose Harbour" Oil on Panel 16" x 23"

Moose Harbour is about five minutes away. There aren't more than eight boats in the little scoop out of the coastline. They are all lobster boats in this port. The season ended June 1st and that is the day I began this painting. The lobster pots have all been stacked up on the docks and all equipment is being cleaned and organized by the fishermen for the rest between seasons.

  "Cape Smokey, Nova Scotia" Oil on Panel 11" x 24"

This is from a trip that we took up north to Cape Breton Island last fall. Cape Smokey is a provincial park on the west side of the northern end of Cape Breton Island. It is a wonderful vantage point to look down the coast at the fingers of land reaching out into the Atlantic Ocean with high bluffs for added drama.

So we are settling into our routine here and I am painting as much as time allows. I am preparing to do an interior portrait of the daughter of our friends across the street in Liverpool. They all enjoy dressing in period costume (around 1780) in celebration of the rich history of the province and Liverpool in particular. They are preparing for Privateer Days from July 1st through the 4th. It is a very enjoyable series of pageants and events celebrating the route of the American sailors who decided to do a mini-invasion of Liverpool during the American Revolution. I haven't quite put together my composition but have some ideas. In the meantime, I did a portrait sketch of my subject, Kate, and thought you might like to see it. Its a little somber for such an attractive model, but just a study. I should have the more elaborate version of her portrait for the next newsletter. I promise, it will be a little lighter in her expression! (Update: Click here to see the resulting painting.)

   "Kate" Oil on Panel 23" x 16"

Until then, I look forward to hearing from you.


William H. Hays

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