Hello and Welcome Friends,

  June, 2006
volume 4 number 5

I told you last month that I'd been awfully busy, and I meant it. As a result, this month started off pretty slow as far as the paintings go. Our slow start was by choice, but it was supported by lots of rain that kept us indoors and maintaining a pretty low profile. Nonetheless, I have been able to produce two new paintings and reworked two other canvases.

These first two canvases are reworkings of paintings that you have not seen before. So rather than giving you a "before" and "after" versions, I'll show you the paintings as they are now.

"Motif #1, Blue Rocks" Oil on Canvas 28" x 38"

This painting is based on a watercolor that I did a couple years ago while painting around Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Blue Rocks is the name of a small fishing village near Lunenburg and is a must for artists painting in the area. The title comes from "Motif #1" in Rockport, Massachusetts. The reference is to a fishing shack that is hung with lobster pot floats in Rockport. All artists who paint in Rockport paint this at one point or another and it earned the name from being depicted so many times.

In Blue Rocks there is this fishing shack that is built on a rock in the harbor. It seems a precarious perch on its crib-style foundation that slants so much it seems as if it will fall in the water any moment, let alone stand up against a storm. Still, it remains year after year and we artists are drawn (forgive the pun) to it.

"Carters Beach Mooring" Oil on Panel 23" x 16"

If you've followed my paintings at all these past few years, you know that Carters Beach has figured prominently in quite a few paintings. When one goes to Carters Beach in the evening, it is almost assured that you'll find at least one boat moored offshore for the evening. This painting depicts the small river that cut through the white sands that make the beach and the dunes that give the place its character. Off in the distance of the painting are two sailboats moored offshore at sunset.

"Beach Meadows Morning" Oil on Panel 16" x 23"

Somewhat to my surprise, I've found the beaches around here to be a source of repeated inspiration. Beach Meadows is one such beach. This painting is taken from a morning stroll on the beach. Need I say more? If this picture isn't worth a thousand words, it's easily worth some very peaceful feelings.

"Sunset Mooring, Nova Scotia" Oil on Canvas 38" x 28"

This painting is the second version of this image that was first done in September of 2004 I very much liked the image and thought it was worth exploring a bit further. This second version is in most ways the same. However, the colors are different and there are different treatments of the boat and the sun.

What you may find interesting about this painting is that it is a three-color painting. In other words, I mixed a red, a blue and a yellow (not pure colors out of the tube, but a mixture for each color). These were the only three colors I used, along with white. It may be hard to believe that all of the variety within this painting result from three colors. But, if you think that is a stretch, go back to the painting above ("Beach Meadows Morning"). This also is a three color painting - three different colors. And in the painting above you can see a much wider range of colors and tones that are possible from such an approach.

I have come to enjoy the process of beginning a painting with a limited palette of colors. It is easier to maintain harmony within the image and I always am fascinated at the possible range of color and tone within such a painting.

We've made it out to the beaches once so far this summer. We are looking forward to more days like that and all of the beauty that we find in Nova Scotia, in Vermont and in all parts of the world.

I look forward to hearing from you.


William H. Hays

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