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Once again we made it to Nova Scotia! It is good to see so many good friends here and be next to the North Atlantic.

The first couple of weeks are spent opening up the house, making sure that everything is running properly and, of course, the garden. The garden doesn't wait. When we arrived on June 2nd, the leaves on the trees were out, the tulips were gone and many of our vines were just beginning to put out leaves. Spring and summer are late along the coast because the cold waters of the ocean keep temperatures cool and rain plentiful.

In fact, rain has been very plentiful this June. We've had only a few days of sunshine and the rest has been rain, fog and really driving rain. It's not unexpected, but after a month, one does have a certain longing for a little sun. I'm still in long sleeves and even sweaters so far.... But we did get out for a drive one day and stood on the granite heads overlooking the ocean for a beautiful and peaceful respite from the gray.

    Long Cove, near Port Medway, Nova Scotia

As I told my mother when I showed her the photo, a digital camera is a great tool. But it just can't impart to you what it feels like to stand there and enjoy the breeze, the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks, and the mosquitos. OK, maybe not the mosquitos. But you get the picture (pun intended).

I have been able to do a little painting of something other than the ceilings of our house. I reworked a large canvas and thought you might like to see the before and after. This painting is derived from several that have addressed beautiful Carters Beach near us. I'd been thinking about this painting for a while and decided to act on my thoughts in hopes of improving the painting. Having done so, I've changed the whole feeling of the image and had to change the title as well. It took me about four days to do this. See what you think:

Passing Storm    Carters Beach Rocks 3

"Passing Storm" 60" x 40" Oil on Canvas    "Carters Beach Rocks III" 60" x 40" Oil on Canvas

I started a new painting the other day but it's not finished enough to show you. However, I realized that I've never shown you my studio and thought you might like to see the gallery we've set up in our home in Nova Scotia.

    My studio in Nova Scotia. OK, it's a mess. It's always like that!

Along with getting the house up and running, I put the gallery together so that I can get it open for visitors. That also takes quite a bit of work and it is now open. Here are the two rooms of the gallery put together from multiple photos:

And that's about it for this month. July promises to be less wet. After all, it can't continue raining forever, can it? That little painting you see on the easel in the studio picture will be finished and I promise, there'll be more to show you in a month.

Our gallery and bed and breakfast in Vermont is up and running this summer with icon artist Maureen Volland acting as our summer host. She's going to be open for Gallery Walk this Friday and would love to have you come by to see what she's doing (and my work too!). If you find yourself on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Liverpool is hard to bypass. Drop by and say, "Hello" at 120 Main Street. Look for the big artist's palette (made by my friend Robert Smith) hanging by the front door.

Enjoy your holiday weekend (Canada Day and July 4th both!)


William H. Hays

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