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William H. Hays  Hello and Welcome Friends,

I'm going to step back and forth in time for this month's newletter. You may recall that last month I showed you three images of a painting of Carters Beach, Nova Scotia that I was working on for a commission. Although it was slow in coming, I continued to make progress on the painting and here are the last few stages to the end result:

Carters Beach V by William Hays   Carters Beach V (fourth state), Oil on Canvas 14" x 20"

Carters Beach V by William Hays   Carters Beach V (fifth state), Oil on Canvas 14" x 20"

Carters Beach V by William Hays   Carters Beach V (final), Oil on Canvas 14" x 20"

Continuing with the theme of stepping back, we'll go way back this time. I showed you a linoleum block print I did of the view from my studio window called "Brattleboro Moon."

Brattleboro Moon, linoleum cut print by William Hays   "Brattleboro Moon" 7" x 5" linoleum cut print

My wife, Patricia, keeps journals and for many years I've painted the cover of her journals with what ever happens to be relevant at the time. The first one that I did for her in Vermont was just a couple months after we moved to Brattleboro from Alaska. In February of 2008 I did this cover (below) for her of almost exactly the same scene. I thought you might enjoy seeing it. Since I did it so long ago, it was a little bit of a surprise to be reminded that I'd done the identical scene 22+ years later.

  Journal cover, Oil on Canvas, February 4, 2008

Lastly, I worked on a painting in the manner that I do from time to time. I reworked an existing canvas. This one was originally completed in 2004. Now if you have a painting you've done hanging around you for that long, eventually you'll find something wrong with it. So I mulled it over for six years and finally decided to repaint it and change the mood of the colors. Here are images of the canvas before and after:

Vermont Sunset, oil painting by William Hays   "Vermont Sunset" (2004) 28" x 38"

Vermont Sunset, oil painting by William Hays   "Vermont Sunset" (2010) 28" x 38"

The mood of the painting changed so much that I've considered calling it "Vermont Sunrise." But... there it is.

In case you haven't read enough about me in the recent past, I've got a couple articles for you. The first article, entitled "Lofty Perch" appeared (to my surprise) on the front page of the Brattleboro Reformer on June 1st. Being just before my 20th anniversary celebration, the timing was perfect and I thought Jon Potter did a great job writing it. The second article was the cover article for our Gallery Walk monthly magazine for June. It's called "20 Years of Best-Laid Plans at The Artist's Loft." Paula Melton had a different take on my story and I also enjoyed what she had to say and appreciated her writing skills too. I hope you enjoy reading what they had to say about me and my work.

So once again, the first Friday of the month has rolled around and it is time for Brattleboro's Gallery Walk. It is a beautiful day and the evening will be quite lovely to enjoy our bustling little town. Come on down, enjoy Gallery Walk and come on by to visit me at The Artist's Loft!


William H. Hays

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