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  August, 2004
volume 2 number 8

Some very cool evenings are heralding the end of the summer for us in Nova Scotia (yes, in August!). But the days are crisp and bright and we are enjoying the brilliant, sunlit landscape. My pace in painting has slowed down somewhat compared to the previous months. I guess one can only maintain full speed ahead for so long before tapering off to a more reasonable rate. Since the beginning of June I have completed 22 new paintings, including five commissioned works. I feel a definite sense of accomplishment in this number of works and in the level of quality I have been able to maintain.

In Vermont all is well and we are anticipating our return to Brattleboro in about a month. Miki and Tom have been excellent hosts at our B&B. They have been enjoying the strong sense of community in downtown Brattleboro and the summer in Vermont has been mercifully cooler than last year. They will be leaving for their Florida location in about a week and rejoining their cadre of artists in Bradenton's "Village of the Arts." I know the folks down there will be happy to have them back!

We were fortunate to have a new friend invite us to spend an evening out on his fishing boat out of Port Mouton. We tooled around the quiet waters for a couple of hours before the evening fog set in. One of the places we passed by was Carters Beach. It is a favorite mooring site for boats traveling the coast. Here is one of the "boats" moored for the evening as the fog began to come in on our short trip.

Carters Beach is also a favorite of locals who come to it by land.

  "Carters Beach Rocks" Oil on Canvas 38" x 28"

There are those who might argue that Carters Beach is not one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I am not one of them. Three crescents of white sand are anchored by granite heads that gradually crumble away into mammoth boulders and grains of sand. The beaches are backed up by white sand dunes The water is unbelievably clear (and cold!). The color of the sand below the water looks as if you are surely in the Carribean. But the spruce trees give it away - you're in Nova Scotia. I've never been to this place, the third beach, when anyone else was there. The perfect solitude of the scene is one of the treasures of being in Nova Scotia.

  "The Ovens" Oil on Canvas 38" x 28"

The Ovens are so named for the undercut sea caves that penetrate the base of these cliffs. The caves reminded the early settlers of bread ovens. It is one of my favorite places in Nova Scotia. The cliffs hang out over the water at precarious angles and emphasize even more the contrasts of earth and water along the coast. The waves hitting the back of the caves sound like cannons going off. The trail that skirts the edge of the cliffs is a real pleasure with one dramatic scene after another around each corner. This is the first oil painting I've done of The Ovens. On a past occasion, I did two watercolors on location that I like very much. ("The Ovens I" and ""The Ovens II")

  "Red Boat with Lobster Pots" Oil on Panel 11" x 24"

The coves that dot the coastline have long been used to shelter fishing boats. This image is derived from a day at East Berlin wharf. The boat is a composite of the actual boat in this slip and one from another wharf. I changed a few things, including the design of the hull and the color of the boat. It was a challenging painting to do with all of the patterns and colors of the water and reflections.

Finally, let me leave you with two watercolors that were done on commission.

  "Hunts Point Beach" Watercolor 14" x 20"

Hunts Point is one of those small beaches that is host to a fishing wharf that has been the subject of several previous paintings of mine ("Little Julie" "Hunts Point, Patricia"). The beach has two clusters of tourist cottages that offer this view, plenty of sunning room and a peaceful stroll beside the crytalline waters of the North Atlantic.

  "Carters Beach II" Watercolor 14" x 20"

Do I need to wax eloquent about this place again?! I don't think so.

One last thing, the folks at the Queens County Museum have asked me to display some of my paintings in the museum's Thomas Raddall Research Center this winter. I am delighted to do so and look forward to their exhibition of my works.

We are having a quiet day and hope that you are enjoying the same. Keep in touch. I very much enjoy hearing from you.


William H. Hays

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