Hello and Welcome Friends,

  September, 2004
volume 2 number 9

They say that parting is such sweet sorrow. Sweet? Perhaps, if we look back at another wonderful summer in Nova Scotia. But the sorrow part is what we find ourselves feeling now that our departure for Vermont is imminent. The summer has been relatively cool in temperature and has had more than the usual share of rain. But none of that seems to affect our outlook. What we remember is the warmth of friends, the beauty of Nova Scotia, and the privilege of painting almost 30 paintings of the wonderful scenes that surround us.

On Wednesday we will head down to Yarmouth where we'll spend the night before boarding the ferry to Portland, Maine on Thursday morning. That evening, we'll finish in Brattleboro, Vermont. A long day of traveling, to be sure. But in the end, we will find ourselves on the verge of another spectacular New England autumn. Not a bad thing to look forward to, really. And then there are our many friends in Vermont whom we look forward to seeing again!

The busy-ness that precedes our leaving is not quite so hectic as last year since we have little to take back with us compared to our coming here. Today, we head up to Halifax for one last visit to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and its affiliated Art Sales and Rental Gallery, where my work is shown. I have to leave some works with them for the winter. If you find yourselves in Halifax, drop in to see what they have. Aside from my paintings, you'll find a real wealth of quality work and creativity in a lovely setting.

  "Seagull's Perch" Oil on Panel 16" x 23"

The very territorial seagulls find a perch that they defend while swooping down to feed from time to time. The litter of sea urchin shells, pieces of crabs and a variety of sea life fragments testifies to their successes.

  "Sunrise at Robertson Lake" Oil on Panel 12" x 18"

Like many of my works, this is derived from a brief look at the subject while en route. I pulled the car over to point the scene out to Patricia and did this painting (depicting my imaginary sunrise setting) about a week later.

  "Carters Beach Rocks II" Oil on Canvas 38" x 28"

Occasionally I repeat myself. This painting is a variation on one featured in the August newsletter, "Carters Beach Rocks" I wanted to explore what I accomplished in that painting to make sure that I understand what I did. I have a fascination with the jewel-like quality of the sun passing through the water, falling on ripples of sand below the surface. In addition, I felt I needed to take another look at painting the sand on a beach - an exercise in subtlety.

  "Sunset Mooring, Nova Scotia" Oil on Canvas 38" x 28"

Finally, this painting. This is the last painting for me in Nova Scotia this summer. If you have been reading the past newsletters, you might recognize the image from a photo I showed you last month. I often have folks ask me where I get the images I paint. This is a good example of combining the image of the boat that I have in a photo with the remembered vision of the early evening sun illuminating the fog on the water. In all, I am very pleased with this painting and consider it an appropriate cap to the summer's work in the studio.

The summer is becoming a warm memory. Sales of my works have been the best ever. I like to think this results from my continued improvement as an artist. But in that, you will have to be the judge.

So now we prepare to head to Halifax for business. We'll be spending the night in Peggy's Cove. I'm sure you recognize the name of the place. It is the very icon of Nova Scotia. Perhaps there will be paintings that result from our brief stay there.... Who knows!

Keep in touch. I very much enjoy hearing from you.


William H. Hays

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