"Stickneybrook IX"
Oil on Canvas 28" x 38"

"Returning to Vermont each year in the fall, it is inevitable that we will stop at Stickneybrook at one point or another. It is an unusual place for me in that each time I go I am enthused anew at the scene. I have entitled this painting "Stickneybrook 9". But I think there may be as many as 15 paintings of that particular place in my history. In the course of doing landscapes, most of my compositions are just that, compositions. They don't usually represent a particular place necessarily.

What is unusual for me about Stickneybrook is that I tend to work from photographs. It is hard for me to see how I can improve the natural compositions. I do change time of year, light and color. But the basic foundation for the image is in the photographs I take of the place. Most of the time I can stand in a room of my gallery and say that the only painting of a real place is the one that has Stickneybrook as the subject matter. Still, though the bridge in the background is really there, it is revealed and emphasized much more than in reality."

Stickneybrook IX, oil painting by William Hays


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