"Glorious Day"
Oil on Canvas 40" x 60"

"This painting began with the coastline just outside of Port Medway called Long Cove. There is a small lighthouse and a rugged set of cliffs and coves that are quite lovely. We visit several times a year and always stop to take in the drama of the high view from atop the cliffs. This composition is based on that coastline with parts of the foreground borrowed from the coastline just outside of Peggys Cove. I love this painting and feel it is one of the special ones I've done. The large size makes it a profound presence in a room."

Glorious Day, oil painting by William Hays


This painting can be purchased from The Art Sales and Rental Gallery at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax.
Email us if you have questions or would like to comment on this painting with William Hays.

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