"Abundant Earth"

"The words, Abundant Earth came to me when I saw the final colors applied to this composition. When the first settlers came to New England they cleared the land and found a thick layer of rich, dark soil for planting. Almost all of the land was fertile for crops. Farms sprouted up everywhere and eventually, more than 80% of the land was cleared of the forests. Erosion, poor land management and lack of understanding leached the life from the soil and the former vitality was gone. in North America. Having lost its monetary value, the land was left to rest and recover on its own. Nature reclaimed the life which remained and built it back gradually. Now more than 80% of Vermont is covered with a carpet of verdant life and beauty."

Abundant Earth, lincout print by William H. Hays

7-color linocut print on Stonehenge paper, 9" x 12" image size, edition of 43
printed with oil-based ink, $325.00, includes shipping and handling

This print can be purchased (without mat or frame) online through a secure PayPal transaction by clicking the "Buy Now" button above or you can call William at (802) 257-5181 to find out locations where this print is available for sale.
Email William if you have questions or would like to comment on this print.

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