"Quiet Night"

"This print is based on a house in Brattleboro, Vermont (on Oak Street) in a blizzard. One night there was a significant snow storm and I decided to go out and photograph it. I had my tripod, camera and a plastic bag to protect the camera from the snow. I walked around taking pictures from the middle of the street since nobody was out. In the end, none of the photographs show any snow falling at all because the exposures were so long. It was a challenge to figure out how to construct the carving and the colors to get the effects I wanted. My original intention was to have fewer than nine impressions to compose this print. I think the results work very well and conveys some of the beauty I saw."

Quiet Night, linocut print by William Hays

9-color linocut print with watercolor on Stonehenge paper, 9" x 12" image size, edition of 44
printed with oil-based ink, $300.00, includes shipping and handling
This edition is sold out. The print is no longer available.

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