"Shimmering Pool"

"Shimmering Pool is based on an oil painting of mine by the same name. I wanted to create a graphic depiction of the shaft of light coming from outside the frame and illuminating the water, above and below the surface. I used a pattern of carving that I've not used before within the water area to suggest subsurface features and the undulations of refracted light in moving water. This print is constructed from three separate blocks and printed thirteen times with seventeen different colors using both transparent and opaque inks."

Shimmering Pool, linocut print by William Hays

13-color linocut print with watercolor on Stonehenge paper, 9" x 12" image size, edition of 39
printed with oil-based ink, $325.00, includes shipping and handling

This print can be purchased (without mat or frame) online through a secure PayPal transaction by clicking the "Buy Now" button above or you can call William at (802) 257-5181 to find out locations where this print is available for sale.
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