"New England Clapboard"

"New England Clapboard (pronounced "cla-berd") is the most technically complex I've done to date. It utilizes two blocks printed separately. One block was for the warm colors and the other for the cool colors in the composition. More than once during the period of printing this image, I would find myself awake in the middle of the night working out how I was going to solve the challenges of the next day's labor. The classic New England house is derived from one in Athens, Vermont. The tree is emblematic of autumn in Vermont and created for this composition. Click here if you'd like to see an animation of how this print came together with two blocks being printed and carved alternately."

New England Clapboard, linocut print by William Hays

13-color linocut print on Stonehenge paper, 9" x 12" image size, edition of 46
printed with oil-based ink, $300.00, includes shipping and handling

This print can be purchased (without mat or frame) online through a secure PayPal transaction by clicking the "Buy Now" button above or you can call William at (802) 257-5181 to find out locations where this print is available for sale.
Email William if you have questions or would like to comment on this print.

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