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"William Hays Wins National Competitions"
Press Release, May, 2017

William Hays

Vermont printmaker, William H. Hays has been awarded first place for his linocut print "Moonlight Lead" in the Alaska Wilderness League's "Ink For Alaska" national competition. His print, "Summer Moon" was also singled out for the Best In Show award at the Walker Art Collection national competition in Garnett, Kansas.

For the Vermont artist, Alaska might seem a stretch but Hays is no stranger to Alaska. He lived in Anchorage from 1979 through 1987 before moving to Brattleboro. Alaska is where he got his start as a professional artist, painting in watercolor. He also received his degree in studio art (sculpture) from the University of Alaska in 1986.

Hays says, "During my years in Alaska I spent a great deal of time in the bush, tromping about the landscape, climbing mountains, walking on glaciers, fishing, photographing, sketching and doing watercolors. It is one of the most special places on our earth." The uncommon experience has stayed with him and he says, "I seem to have an affinity for ice and snow in my work."

Hays' linocut print, "Moonlight Lead" is currently in a national touring exhibition at the Kimball Art Center in Park City, Utah through August 13th and will be featured in other locations nationwide to be announced. The print will also be featured as part of the 2019 wall calendar "Linocut Prints By William H. Hays" to be published by Pomegranate Press in mid 2018.

For the Best In Show award in Kansas, Hays used inspiration a bit further south. "Summer Moon" is a 10-color linocut print that was inspired by a full moon rising in the Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee in 1987. His interpretation of the memory is an atmospheric view of hills and mountains undulating into the distance, capped by an orange-yellow full moon.

Moonlight Lead     Summer Moon

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