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Exhibits feature printmaking
Wesley Pulkka for The Albuquerque Journal, December, 2017

Albuquerque NM, 2017

...Though not a razzle-dazzle-showcase, the international juried show, [Remarque/New Grounds 5th Annual International Print Exhibition] is quietly brimming with excellence and is overall a solid cross section of current printmaking.

“Local Fields” by Larinda Meade is a luscious landscape rendering that combines the realistic depiction of a windy day infused with the energetic flourish of abstract expressionism. This diptych presentation is phenomenally powerful and skillfully accomplished.

In “Yakuza Bar,” a double portrait woodcut, David Curcio evokes memories of actual bar scenes with stylistic hints from Alex Katz and Roy Lichtenstein – that is, if their work expressed genuine emotional tension. Curcio is a strong draftsman and commands a broad-spectrum palette.

“Halifax House” by William Hays is a beautifully rendered and executed linocut print that is reminiscent of finely wrought linocuts by the late Russell Hamilton. Hays lives in Vermont, where such houses on tree-covered hilltops are quite common. However, Hays’ extraordinary skill set is rare.

Moonlight Lead

"Halifax House" a 9-color linocut print by William H. Hays

Among the many gee-whiz pieces is “Swinging” by Kouki Tsuritani, in glorious black-and-white that is both a joyful and scary mezzotint representing how well early 20th century surrealism and contemporary angst can be expressed using a very old printmaking technique in the hands of a highly skilled artist.

Tsuritani’s architectonic composition features a spiral core reminiscent of a surf-worn conch shell. At the bottom is a koi-like fish in a cage. To quote Bob Dylan, “Something is happening here but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?”

Both shows are well-worth a lingering visit, and now that Central is clear of earthmovers and orange barrels it’s pretty easy to get there. Two thumbs up..

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